Have we missed the one thing that has the power to bring relief, hope and healing to the broken and hurting?

Everywhere Jesus went, he preached and healed. He offered truth to give hope and mercy to bring healing. He invites us to, "go and do likewise." Today we seem to have lost this powerful pattern of self-giving love, focusing on truth at the expense of mercy or on mercy at the expense of truth, and often miss building genuine, lasting relationships with the people around us.

Jack Alexander helps us recover Jesus's model, showing through biblical and real-life stories that God's first impulse toward us is mercy. He gives a practical pattern for us to follow--to see, go, do, and endure--what the world so desperately needs.

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Jack has a heart and passion for God, His Kingdom and the Church. He is currently Chairman and Founder of a software firm called onQ as well as The Reimagine Group, a content company that makes high quality films and studies for the church market in the areas of generosity and stewardship. Jack has built and led companies in real estate, business services, and technology. Two companies that he cofounded made the Inc. 500 list, and another, in which he is a partner, made the Inc. 5000 list.

A previous recipient of an Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur of the Year award, Alexander is also winner of six global awards in the corporate travel and hospitality arena. In 2005, he received the Family Honors Award as a businessman who made a positive impact on the American family.

He is a regular speaker, coach, and board member for a number of businesses, nonprofits, and ministries. Jack lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife, Lisa. They have three adult sons and five grandchildren.

Learn more about the video teaching series that Jack developed to inspire whole-life generosity and stewardship at The Reimagine Group.

New Barna Group Study: The State of Mercy & Forgiveness in America


We are partnering with Barna Group on a recent nationwide survey of practicing Christians and pastors on how they connect to the biblical concepts of mercy, justice and truth.

The study uncovered a startling statistic...only 17% of Christians believe that showing mercy is their personal responsibility. The other 83% leave the work to the church, non-profits and the government. Watch for more data from the study in the coming weeks and the full monograph releasing March 2019.

Have we missed the power of mercy to offer healing, soften people's hearts, and communicate the fullness of God's love? Are we using truth to "defend" our position and neglecting God's call to share the mercy he has shown toward us?

Mercy coupled with Truth, in the context of authentic relationships, have the power to change the world. Let’s explore together how we can ministers of mercy in this time when it’s so desperately needed.